“Vulnerable is a very exciting place to be because it’s open.
And I think as a painter, I want to be vulnerable too.”

-Katherine Bradford

Beth Rhodes

from Biloxi, Mississippi

(2012) BFA Mississippi State

lives and works in Miami, Florida

Her practice centers around
figurative paintings
about isolation
about barriers
about together

Oil and acrylic paint brushed quickly on panel create visuals that force us into a space where we see the connections, or lack of connection, that we have with each other and the world around us. 

The figures show us the way we inhabit our own bodies, how we keep ourselves from ourselves and others, and how we handle the complexity and deterioration of our flesh and relationships. 

Her paintings explore the tension of wanting to be known, while maintaining tight boundaries on our intimate selves and the balance between comfort in public and security in our own interiors.


Voyage MIA
Miami New Times

CONTACT :   beth@bethmade.com

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