the beginning

This map will not remain black and white for long! As restaurants representing countries are visited, we will color them in.

At the end of 2015, a new adventure was beginning. David Bley and I were planning a wedding and choosing a new city in which to live. After compiling a list and going through pros and cons, we decided to move to Miami, Florida. This was pretty gutsy because, even though David went to school in South Florida, we didn't know anyone that lived south of Boca. We were excited to move to Miami because of three things: 1) No more coats, 2) the beach, 3) the diversity of culture and ethnicity of Miamians.

We have been here about a year (if you don't count all the times we traveled away), and in that time, we have seen and learned so many beautiful things. We had heard Miami was international, but after living here for a year, now we really know that Miami is international. I had a thought a little while ago as we were driving (stuck in traffic on Biscayne), "Wow, there are so many different kinds of restaurants. I bet there is a restaurant here from every country south of here." And that is where the idea was born.

I decided then and there that we would be able to travel around Central and South America and the Caribbean without ever leaving Miami. So now we are beginning a journey of just that. I drew a map to help us keep track of all the menus we have visited, and I am excited to invite you along! There are so many ways to participate in our Food Trip. You could read this blog, come eat out with us, or make your own map and food travel in the city where you live.

Culture is passed on through food, and I fully believe that when we eat someone's cuisine, we are celebrating who they are and where they come from. We will be enjoying some tasty treats as part of this Food Trip and celebrating some wonderful people that come from some beautiful places. 

So yeah, we're kicking this journey off tonight! Check back to see which country we visited and what kind of food we enjoyed!