I am increasingly inspired by heroines. 

Heroines are fighters--not with violence but with a love tough and strong. They fight so that beauty may survive and in doing so, increase the beauty found in the world. When life throws hardships from every direction, a heroine holds on to hope with a toughness and finesse that is to be admired.

I've begun a new series of paintings that celebrate the heroine, and I want you to be a part of it. I want to show the strength and kind ferocity unique in the faces of these women. I want to tell stories of the fortitude of femininity.

I am inviting you to submit faces and stories. Some may be more obvious, maybe a well known national or international figure; some may just give you a feeling of inspiration. I'm encouraging you to share with me about a woman who compels you to be stronger, to persevere.

email me your stories :